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SimpleRent is the only Real Estate payments solution to be
recognized as a Finalist in the 2019 Fintech Awards.

ONE CLICK Automation with Google Chrome Extension

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 SimpleRent is designed to save Property Managers time, agencies money and delight tenants

Why we are different

We delight your tenants with our simple process for paying Entry, Bond, ongoing rent and access to our SimpleDiscounts Program

Set Up Tenant in 60 seconds

  • 1
    Secure Property

    Entry Payment covers the first 2 weeks of rent

  • 2
    Pay Bond

    Bond Finance option will be offered to eligible tenants at the bond payment step.

  • 3
    Schedule Rent

    Set up your rent payments, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

  • 4
    Access Discounts

    Receive access to SimpleDiscounts and save money on everyday purchases.

Full transparency

on every step, email open, SMS click & payment

Fastest funds settlement

in the West! ... and the East

Your trust accountant will love that funds clear to your trust account in 2 business days. Which means tenant payments will be scheduled only 2 business days in advance, not 4 or 5.
Fund debit from the tenants account after 5pm Monday are settled to your trust account on Wednesday approx 2pm.
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Tenant failed to pay?

We've got your back. Here is how our automation will help you.

Auto Follow-up

If tenants failed to pay, SimpleRent notifies them via email and SMS every morning with the "Pay Up Now" (PUN) link.

"Pay Up Now" link remains active 1 day before the "Auto-Retry" takes effect.

Auto Retry

Re-attempts to debit the tenant's nominated account for the previous failed payment.

If the tenant fails to pay before their next direct debit, then we will add on the failed payment in next week's Direct Debit run.
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See failed payments before the trust account

Property Managers can now see tenant's failed payments even before the trust accountant reconciles. So PM's, you can now be one step ahead of the game.

Simple Daily Reports for Trust Accounting

SimpleRent plays nice with all your PM and trust accounting software

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There is more to

Easy Rent Increase

SimpleRent automatically notifies the tenant of the change and adjusts all future payments. Done in 60 seconds!

Neutralise Costs

As a 3rd Party system, Agencies can pass the cost of transactions to the tenant to ensure the full amount of rent, bond and bills are accessible for the landlord.

We Listen and Reward

SimpleRent is a sponsor of the Industry Leader Advisory Panel (ILAP). Have your agency join, share feedback on improvements and be rewarded for your effort and knowledge.

Trust Accountant... We've got your back too!

We want to save you Time and Effort...and there is SO much more to share join our next webinar to learn more.

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