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You will receive an SMS & Email from your Real Estate Agency


Complete Your Entry Payment

Pay your Entry Payment online via your secure and personalised payment page.

Use your Visa / Mastercard Credit or Debit Card or pay via Bank Account Direct Debit

(Note: Bank account direct debit option may not be available to all agencies and requires a clearing time before entering the property)

Pay Your Bond

Conveniently pay your bond.

Bond Finance is offered to most tenants.

Transaction fees may apply and will be presented on your payment page.

Are you in NSW?   

NSW Tenants, option to confirm that you will be processing your bond via "Bond Payments online"


Set Up Your Rent Payments

Set up your Automated Rent payments via Direct Debit.

Select Frequency of payments.

Prefer payments to come out on a day that suits you? You got it! SimpleRent.com.au will even calculate any part payments to ensure you do not fall behind.

Access Discounts

All tenants that pay for their rent via bank account direct debit, Visa, MasterCard or Amex, will automatically receive an email with instructions to download and Access our SimpleDiscounts Program.

SimpleDiscounts is designed to save you hundreds even thousands per year. Most tenants who take advantage of using SimpleDiscounts for everyday shopping needs will save more than a week's rent per year.

We designed SimpleDiscounts with the full intent neutralise the cost of your bank account direct debit transactions and go one better to help you achieve, 3x, 5x or >10x savings.
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You now have access to the top retailers in Australia to purchase store gifts cards in a digital format at impressively discounted prices. You can use these personally for everyday shopping and start saving.

Purchase cards a low as $50 to enjoy discounts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a login for tenants?

Tenant logins will be available in early 2019. For now, all information regarding payment schedules and direct debit agreements are emailed to you upon sign up.

Who is SimpleRent.com.au?

SimpleRent.com.au is a payments automation platform designed for the Real Estate Industry and owned by The E Group Payments Pty Ltd

Does SimpleRent hold tenant funds?

No, we do not hold any funds that belong to the tenant. SimpleRent.com.au connects to the IntergaPay Australian gateway. Each Real Estate Agency has their own Merchant Account and all finds are passed through to the Real Estate Agency's Trust Account.

Who is IntegraPay?

IntegraPay Established in Australia in 2009, IntegraPay is a specialist payment services provider with a management team that combines over 40 years of experience in the industry. Operating in Australia, New Zealand, the USA and UK, IntegraPay is known for technology innovation and client service.

How much does it cost?

All fees and charges are outlined on the payments pages. Fees may vary depending on the way you choose to pay and how much of a specific transaction you agency is absorbing.

Isn't there meant to be a Free way to pay?

We all like something for free. We would like to see you go one better and ensure that if there is a cost for you, then you are able to access saving via SimpleDiscounts.com.au that put you 3x, 5x, >10x in front of any low-cost bank account direct debit transaction fees.

Legislation in each state for paying rent differs. Here are the important things to know and links to resources if you would like to confirm for yourself.

QLD - three ways to be offered. Free option is not required.






When will direct debuts occur?

Direct debits occur in line with the Bulk Electronic Clearing Service guidelines. Direct Debits occur between 6pm to Midnight AEDT Monday to Friday. Please ensure you have funds in your account prior to this time to avoid failed payment fees.

When you register for your direct debit payments via SimpleRent.com.au, we will display and email you a full list of the dates that Direct Debits will occur.

Will I be direct debited on a Public holiday?

Direct Debits do not occur on national banking holidays. If you are to be impacted by this, SimpleRent will co-ordinate to have you updated via email that your DIrect Debit will be moved to the next banking day.

Is BPAY available?

BPAY is coming to SimpleRent in later December 2018. Please note that not all agencies will be using BPAY.

What is a failed payment fee / dishonour fee?

Debit schedules that result in a Rejection, caused by either of the below:

1. Rejected Transaction - Due to Insufficient funds
2. Rejected - Transaction Declined
3. Rejected - Due to Invalid BSB or Bank Account Number
4. Rejected - Authority Revoked by Payer

Your SimpleRent account will be charged a Failed Payment Fee or Dishonour Fee per rejection.

Failed Payment Fee or Dishonour Fee $9.90.

What are the fees involved?

Current SimpleRent fees are listed below:

  • Storage and compliance Once Off $2.20.
  • Failed payment fee / Dishonour fee $9.90.
  • Banking transaction fee $1.25 or $1.65 (varies depending on agency)
  • VISA or MASTERCARD merchant fee 1.98%
  • AMEX merchant fee 4.40%

I am receiving Pay Up Now Emails & SMS. What does this mean?

Whenever you receive an email and / or SMS notification with the subject line, "Failed Payment - Action Required Today", this means a previously scheduled debit has failed / resulted in a rejection.

I am trying to use the link in the Pay Up Now Email but it leads to an error? How do I proceed?

The most likely cause is that the Pay Up Now link has expired.

The PUN link expires in 5 days upon receipt of the, "Failed Payment - Action Required Today" email and / or SMS notification.

I missed a payment. Is there a way I can schedule a debit?

Yes, you can.

To do so...

Call your agency

1. Ask to schedule an "Add Payment" to make good on the failed debit (schedule the debit at a time you are certain you have enough funds on your account to avoid dishonouring)
2. Once the "Add Payment" has been scheduled, ask to have the RETRY Disabled for the failed debit (this ensures that your account will not be RETRIED for the previous failed debit)

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